Design Concept 1: Office for Animation Company
Name: Raster

After weeks of never ending working days, a graphic designer saves their last image to its raster file. Saving it to this will keep the image perfect. But what if it was tampered with? What if the image was enlarged or shrunk? These 3 ideas will be played with in the design of Raster.

Design Concept 2: Yoga Studio

Name: State of Mind (SOM)

Upon entering SOM, the mind and body feels at peace as one is greeted by a living wall. One is guided throughout the store by inspirations retrieved from the Buddhist belief of 4 states of mind for true love (branmavinharas), Metta (lovingness), Karuna (compassion), Mudita (joy), and Upekka (equanimity).  The four states of mind will be symbolized in appropriate areas. The pure scent of natural, sustainable materials allow you to breath and soak up the experience. While the simple organic palate, white, browns, and greens, are not strenuous on the eyes. The yoga room features Granville Island’s spectacular ocean view, with high ceilings and clear story windows.



Design Concept 3: Restaurant

Name: Meet Vegetarian Cuisine

An inspired gardener with a green thumb tactfully sets up her garden. The gardener places basil beside the tomatoes, as it improves the tomatoes growth and repels insects. Chives are placed beside the sunflowers as it deters aphids and reduces black spots on roses. She carefully places the lavender throughout the garden for she knows that this simple herb will brings much needed pollination but will deter mice, moths, rabbits and mosquitoes. Just as a garden benefits from each other, great things happen at Meet.




Design Concept 4: Winery with Residential Space

Name: Thirsty Root Winery

A huge storm hits the Okanagan Valley. The water begins to rush along the surface of the vineyard, pushing all dirt and debris from its path. Remarkably the embankment of the winery stays firm, and the vines deeply anchored.  Below the stormy surface strong roots are at work keeping the soil and the vine secure. The vine becomes nourished with its tangled; brown roots seeking and storing nutrients for the future. From the strong roots become grapes of perfection.


Reflected Ceiling Plan

Tasting Bar Perspective